UPVC windows may look similar – but it’s the bits you don’t see, tucked away inside the frames, that make a huge difference to how the windows perform, and how much energy they save – or waste – over their life cycle.

When you choose Raise & Glaze you are assured of a stylish Award-Winning, high quality product. Our windows are of the most technically advanced range available in the UK.  They are environmentally safe, highly functional, versatile and durable… all while offering stunning aesthetics and unbeatable efficiency.

Our windows are Custom-Made – meaning every window is tailor-made according to the exact requirements of each window.

  • All our windows are available in a range of colours and finishes to suit your home.
  • All our window come A rated as standard with A+ rated and A++ available upon request


Thermally Efficiency

The revolutionary profiles used in our windows are more thermally efficient than traditional UPVC window profiles. By removing unnecessary steel reinforcement, instead developing the latest in multi-chambered profile technology which maintains the heat inside

Environmentally Friendly

Our window frames are 100% lead free and are fully recyclable. 


Casement windows are outward opening, offer total versatility and remain the most popular window choice in the UK. Casement windows provide the very highest levels of security and thermal performance.

Typical maximum width 600mm Typical maximum height 1,500mm Available with different hinge systems The simplest has hinges attaching the sash directly to the frame Projecting side-hung casements use a hinge mechanism that allows cleaning and decorating from the inside; hinges (often referred to as easy-clean or projecting hinges) are fitted to the top and bottom of the sash and frame rather than the side Multi-point locking security is available An alternative ‘side swing’ version is also available 

Tilt & Turn

Tilt and Turn windows open inwards and are a multi-functional window option. They tilt from the bottom for ventilation – and turn for the turn for the window to fully open inwards – ideal for cleaning from the inside. Our Tilt & Turn option has ultra slim sight lines for enhanced aesthetics and are ideal fire exits.


Reversible windows are outward opening, using a ‘top swing’ or ‘H-type’ mechanism allowing full rotation for cleaning or decorating without disturbing curtains or blinds. They provide a convenient, stylish and safe option for difficult to access locations such as upper levels of multi storey buildings; and incorporate an Espag locking system & child locks to restrict opening to 100mm.

Vertical Sliders

Vertical Slide windows incorporate modern technology with the traditional look of Sash & Case. The windows open and close on a vertical slider and allow both top and bottom sashes to slide. The entire system is designed to allow easy movement of the sash, so that anyone with normal strength can move the window with ease; and most of the mechanics parts are hidden inside the hollow lining of the window frame which are not visible to the user.


VELUX stands for: VE for ventilation and LUX for light. Velux windows are specialised glass roof windows designed for pitched roofs, and used for bringing in additional daylight as well as fresh air into a room or conservatory. There is a large range of window types such as top-hung, centre-pivot and conservation rooflights all of which blend effortlessly with their surrounding windows


There’s an ever-growing popularity for aluminium windows.  Resilient to warping, corrosion and flexing, aluminium windows are also lightweight, versatile but extremely durable. Being almost completely maintenance free, they are long-lasting (typically 30-40 years) and almost 100% recyclable. Aluminium windows provide fantastic insulation and keep in the warmth inside for long periods making them very energy efficient.

Available in a massive range of colours, customers can choose between a wide range of styles, all of which provide energy efficiency, modern style, and security. Boasting efficient Grade A Energy Ratings, super-slim frame and superior security, Raise&Glaze offer a great choice of premium aluminium windows for our customers.


After extensive research of window & door manufacturers, Raise&Glaze chose to supply the Liniar UPVC product range.  This award-winning product has been completely designed from scratch to take advantage of the latest developments in window engineering technology; and was the first brand new profile of its kind in the UK in nearly two decades. 

Our customers can have complete peace of mind knowing we are using only the highest quality doors and windows in their homes.

Available in a full range of sizes, our windows come in a wide choice of configurations – most installations using 28mm double glazed screens with 36mm and 40 mm triple glazing options available . All windows feature the Liniar multi-chambered premium uPVC profile, their patented co-ex bubble gasket, sculptured and chamfered options, and a wide range of Fab & Fix fully suited hardware.

Energy efficiency

Double glazing helps to insulate a home, which can reduce energy consumption and lower heating and cooling costs.

Double glazing can help to keep a home at a consistent temperature, which can improve comfort levels.
Noise reduction
Double glazing can help to reduce noise pollution from outside sources, such as traffic or aircraft.

Double glazing can help to improve the security of a home by making it more difficult to break the windows.

Updating to double glazing can improve the value of a home.
Double glazing is generally more durable than single glazing and can last for many years with proper maintenance.

Double glazing can improve the appearance of a home, particularly if the old windows are in poor condition

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